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Fetenech Meskele Ganebo, a TWAS-SISSA-Lincei fellowship awardee, and a Cinzia Vitale Onlus winner visited Trieste University to set up a computational system that identifies malaria risk factors.
The Academy will host developing-world scientists and IPCC experts in Trieste this week for training workshop
The new class of TWAS Young Affiliates was selected in 2023 and is now listed in the Academy's online Directory
Research grants lay a foundation for research in countries with scarce resources.
TWAS, with the German Research Foundation, launches new programme for postdoctoral researchers
TWAS outreach activities are expanding to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world
The latest event in TWAS’s science diplomacy series addressed respecting and navigating international treaties about biological dangers, from pandemics to weapons
Early-career scientists can gain connections and opportunities through TWAS
Supported by a TWAS-BMBF grant, Nigerian microbiologist Rine Christopher Reuben explores how to use an alternative to antibiotics to protect farm animals
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