Earth view from space [Photo: National Aeronautics and Space Administration]

Science Policy

With its network of over 1,300 eminent scientists and 40 years of experience in the global research community, TWAS is ideally positioned to provide insight, advice and support related to science policy for the developing world.

TWAS's core idea is that science and technology are essential for sustainable prosperity. But science policy is critically important in shaping a nation's research & development investments, its approach to environment, health, education and research ethics, and its approach to international cooperation and science diplomacy. Decision-makers must have access to the right information, often summarized into a form for easier understanding. TWAS’s work in science policy bring some of these issues to the attention of policy-makers and to provide training for scientists and decision-makers in this inter-disciplinary field.

Humanity's greatest challenges – and some of its most promising opportunities – are regional and global. Increasingly, the world requires effective partnerships between scientists, policymakers and diplomats.
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