TWAS-Abdus Salam Medal

The TWAS-Abdus Salam Medal was instituted in 1995 to honour the Academy's founder and first president, Nobel Laureate Professor Abdus Salam and is awarded to highly distinguished personalities who have served the cause of science in the Developing World.
The next TWAS-Abdus Salam Medal will be conferred in 2026 on the occasion of the election of the new Council of TWAS.
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Personalities awarded with the TWAS-Abdus Salam Medal:

  • Federico Mayor, Spain (1995)
  • M.G.K. Menon, India (1996)
  • Thomas R. Odhiambo, Kenya (1998)
  • José I. Vargas, Brazil (2000)
  • Paolo Budinich, Italy (2002)
  • Lu Yongxiang, China (2005)
  • C.N.R. Rao, India (2008)
  • Mohamed H.A. Hassan, Sudan (2012)
  • Jacob Palis, Brazil  (2015)
  • Fernando Quevedo, Guatemala (2018)
  • Chunli Bai, China (2022)
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