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TWAS showcases science in Trieste

TWAS showcases science in Trieste

TWAS will screen a new documentary film and participate in a photo exhibit in this weekend’s Researcher’s Night and Trieste Next events, which brings the public together the scientific institution clustered throughout the Trieste area.

During this year’s La Notte dei Ricercatori (Researchers’ Night) on Friday 27 September, at 10:00 and 17:30 hours, TWAS will screen Seeds of Science at Magazzino delle Idee in Trieste. Seeds of Science is a new documentary by Italian filmmaker Nicole Leghissa that explores how TWAS prize-winners and grantees are transforming agriculture and farm productivity in Kenya. A half-hour later, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, which hosts TWAS on their Trieste campus, will screen a 2012 documentary, Unwired, which follows a team of ICTP scientists during a technological mission to Africa. 

From 25 to 29 September, TWAS is also participating in a photo exhibit called Around The World in 80 Clicks. The exhibit of 80 photos from 10 Trieste science institutions features scientists at work. TWAS is providing nine photos for the exhibit, which will take place at “Sala U. Veruda” in Piazza Piccola 2, Trieste. 

Photo Exhibit BannerFrom the very beginning, Italy has provided essential encouragement and support to TWAS. Inthe early 1980s, elite Italian scientists joined in the work of Pakistani Nobel laureate Abdus Salam to establish TWAS. Soon, with the backing of top Italian lawmakers, Italy provided an early grant that allowed TWAS to build momentum and through the years it has continued to provide TWAS core funding. With Italy’s support, TWAS has become well-known and highly regarded throughout the research community of the developing world. 

TWAS is actively engaged in its headquarters city of Trieste, Italy. As part of the “Trieste System” of scientific organizations, the Academy regularly joins in public initiatives such as the Europe-wide Researchers’ Night, Trieste Next and other educational projects. 

Trieste is a standout city when it comes to science and innovation. With more than 30 research institutes, the city has an unusually high density of researchers: more than 35 researchers per every 1,000 employees compared to a European average of less than six. Given its strategic position in the centre of Europe, Trieste is a global centre of science and innovation.

Sean Treacy